Emails to AOL/Yahoo being rejected? Open a support ticket for us to setup RDNS/Reverse DNS records on your IPs. We will also need... How can I block an IP Address? If you want to block an IP for any reason, you can do this using: /sbin/iptables -I INPUT 1 -s... How can I change my Hostname? If you wish to change your VPS hostname you MUST do this via HyperVM under the Network section. How can I reboot my VPS? You can reboot your vps by simply issuing the "reboot" command in SSH. However the preffered... How can I tell what Distribution of Linux I am using? Run "cat /etc/issue" from SSH How do I change my SSH port? In order to help minimize the number of port scans/brute forcing on your SSH service, its a... How do I update CentOS/Fedora? It's a good practice to make sure your server has the latest operating system updates. We can do... I am getting kernel module errors in console? SSH into your VPS and navigate to /usr/lib/modules Run uname-a and look at the kernel version on... If I have an Unmanaged VPS, can I pay for extra support? Unmanaged VPS are provided pretty much as it says on the tin. You get a stable Unmanaged server,... My VPS has no Swap? If you login to SSH and run "free -m", and... SSH Cheat Sheet File Manipulationls -l ---- This Will List All Files/Directories In Your Current Directoryls -al... What IP's should I put in /etc/resolv.conf? This should be already populated by HyperVM, however your /etc/resolv.conf should look like this:... When I restart apache I get Virtualhost errors? When you restart apache on a cPanel server you get Virtualhost errors, yet it still appears... Yum Prescript% & tmp/php session errors Sometimes if /tmp is not pointed properly on a Linux server, it can cause all sorts of problems...
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